martes, 29 de mayo de 2018

Presentamos nuestra etiquetadora portátil diseñada exclusivamente para etiquetas especiales.

Adjuntamos enlace  donde pueden ver vídeo de nuestra etiquetadora para etiquetas de difícil aplicación.

Introducing our portable labeller designed exclusively for special labels.

 Attached link where you can see video of our labeller for labels of difficult application

Nous vous présentons notre étiqueteuse portable conçue exclusivement pour les étiquettes spéciales.

Lien ci-joint où vous pouvez voir la vidéo de notre étiqueteuse pour les étiquettes d'application difficile

lunes, 11 de abril de 2016

Labelers for banana.(Gun la

Banana labeling has never been so easy and fast.

Our DP for labeling fruits and vegetables are the perfect solution to label the most difficult such as bananas products.

Request for information on:

jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

Digrapack solves the labeling of fruit,

Our full range of electronic label dispensers covers all the needs of labeling of fruits and vegetables,
Its high quality, high performance and light weight makes it the most desired machine for producers and marketers of fruit sector
Digrapack constantly innovating to bring to market solutions
We seek partners worldwide, advise and provide technical support to customers. Send us an email with the details of your company and let you know if your area is available.

 manual fruit labelers

jueves, 21 de mayo de 2015

Han-held label dispenser manufacturers.
High-tech labeling.

Our machines were initially designed for the application of labels on fruits and other agricultural products but have been successfully integrated into the industrial sector to label any product.

Advantages of our battery labeling:

Label dispensers are equipped with latest generation microprocessor, with which we get a labeling speed and accuracy never seen so far.
His group of lithium-ion batteries gives it enough autonomy to work continuously during a workday.
The choice of materials makes it light and strong, reducing operator fatigue.
Wide range of sizes depending on the type of label.
Fruit labeling hand held machine for most labels Marketplace
Consult your local dealer and be amazed.
We seek official distributors worldwide.
Here you can see some models of hand labellers for fruits and vegetables.

miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2014

New battery labelel model DPS25

Professional Label Dispenser for fruits and vegetables fruit .Etiquetadora battery for high-speed next-generation microprocessor. Designed to place adhesive stamps of all types and shapes of labels for fruit.
Our new machine has been tested in the harshest conditions labeled with special forms of different formats of the leading global manufacturers of labels.

Ask at or call +34976595163
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martes, 1 de julio de 2014

Éxito de ventas de nuestra aplicadora de etiquetas para fruta DP25.

Tras unos meses del lanzamiento del nuevo modelo al mercado, nos hemos visto gratamente sorprendidos por el éxito de nuestra dispensadora de etiquetas para fruta DP25.
Su rapidez, poco peso,y gran autonomía ha hecho que nuestra aplicadora de etiquetas para fruta DP25 halla superado todas nuestras expectativas de ventas tanto en el mercado Español como en el internacional.
Los grandes productores de frutas y hortalizas ya tienen una solución fiable para etiquetar sus frutas y hortalizas.
 Etiquetadora para fruta DP25

Bestseller of our label applicator for fruit DP25. 

After a few months of launching the new model to the market, we have been pleasantly surprised by the success of our dispensing of labels for fruit DP25.
Its speed, light weight, and great autonomy has made our label applicator for fruit DP25 found exceeded our sales expectations in both Spanish and international market.
Large producers of fruit and vegetables and have a reliable solution for labeling your fruits and vegetables.

 Label dispenser for fruit

Bestseller de notre applicateur d'étiquettes pour les fruits DP25. 

Après quelques mois de lancement du nouveau modèle sur le marché, nous avons été agréablement surpris par le succès de notre distribution d'étiquettes pour les fruits DP25. 
Sa vitesse, poids léger, et une grande autonomie a fait notre applicateur d'étiquettes pour DP25 de fruits trouvé dépassé nos prévisions de ventes à la fois dans le marché espagnol et international. 
Les grands producteurs de fruits et légumes et ont une solution fiable pour l'étiquetage de vos fruits et légumes.
Rotulagem de frutas

Bestseller do nosso aplicador de etiquetas para frutas DP25. 

Depois de alguns meses de lançamento do novo modelo para o mercado, temos sido agradavelmente surpreendido com o sucesso de nossa distribuição de rótulos para frutas DP25. 
Sua velocidade, peso leve, e grande autonomia tem feito o nosso aplicador de etiquetas para DP25 fruta encontrada superou as nossas expectativas de vendas, tanto no mercado nacional e internacional. 
Os grandes produtores de frutas e legumes e têm uma solução confiável para a rotulagem de suas frutas e legumes.

jueves, 20 de febrero de 2014

Labeling fruits and for round and oval labels.

Our labeler for fruits DAPFC have mobile sensor to fit in the center of various types of non-rectangular labels soft labeling.
Meet all labeling requirements works quickly and easily applied to various types of die cut label rolls.
We have several models depending on the use and size of label.


labeling for fruit and Stickers